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Civvie Survival Course Kit List

The kit list is essntial for you to get the most out of the weekend and more importantely, enjoy it. If you stuggle finding anything or dont want to splash out on new kit dont worry we have all of the below, yet you need to contact us pre arrival.

What do you need?

To undertake in the Pilgrim Civvies Survival bushcraft weekend you don't need expensive kit and what you dont have we might be able to help with, just ask.


Below is a list of kit you will need to bring with you to undertake the course. You are not limited to the list and can bring with you some home comforts.


Clothing suitable for the day, review the weather report for North Wales as near to the date as possible.


Kit List
1. Walking Boots
*If you don't have any don't go and get any as they will give you the worlds best blisters. Trainers will be fine.
* If you do have boots that you haven't worn since the 80's, put them on and go for a little walk.
2. Comfy pants - not jeans
3. T-Shirt
4. Jumper
5. Waterproof Top & Bottoms In your Bag
6. A Dry Waterproof Bag (dry bag) - If you don't have one just double up a bin bag and take a spare
7. Spare warm top
8. Hat
9. Gloves - Make sure they are not a tight fit. You will always put your gloves on when you're cold and your hands will have swollen. You have been warned. 
10. water bottles. Mess tins.

In the Car or secure at Pilgrim HQ
11. Spare Comfy Clothes
12. Towel
13. Trainers or Flip Flops or Slippers

14. A 3-season sleeping bag throughout the spring, summer and autumn, and a 4-season sleeping bag in the winter. 15. 15. Bivvi Bag

16. Roll matt matt

17. fork, spoon, bowl & mug.

Head torch, personal hygiene kit and a good book as you might have time to read under the stars. Don't forget toilet paper.

Food will be provided but bring some pocket change if you would like to get a few treats. 

Toilets, showers and even a sauna will be available at Pilgrim Fitness HQ on the Saturday am and Sunday wash up.

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