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Military Preparation Course

Thinking of joining the British Army, Navy, RAF, Parachute Regiment or Royal Marines but not sure how to prepare yourself or what to expect? Then a military preparation course is just what you need. Ask the stupid question, get shown the simple tasks from army chat, to cleaning boots, rank structure, personal administration through to whats expected of you at each phase. 


This is a two day course:


Arrive no later than 1900 Friday, Saturday 0600 start, Sunday 1600 finish

Accommodation, food, showers are all provided within Pilgrim Fitness training facility. No matter what armed force you plan on undertaking you will hold a 1-2-1 with a veteran from that force for factual real life  experience yet more importantly knowledge giving you that edge on day one week one, giving you the best possible chance of becoming a full time or reserve member of the British Armed Forces. 

The Pilgrim Military Preparation Course is led by Mark. He holds no less than 19 years service within the Royal Marines, including several tours. Yet the man is a true gent and is more approachable than you would think. Still not sure, just take a look at Marks Bio and experience below.  

The weekend with food water and accommodation cost just £195 

The next wave of dates will be released soon but if you want to secure a spot please give us a call

· Ex Royal Marine Commando SNCO with over 19 years service

· Served in Brigade Patrol Troop and 45 Commando

· Commander of Direct Support Troop to UKSF (MCT)

· Jungle , Arctic warfare instructor

· Several operational Tours

· Responsible for Training and operating of Fleet Standby Rifle Troop conducting Boarding operation, Anti-Piracy and protection and evacuation of UK Nationals.



Mark Served with the Royal Marines for 19 years and carried out multiple operational tours and saw service within Commando Fighting Units and the Royal marines Brigade Patrol Troop (specialist Reconnaissance Troop). Later in his career whilst training and operating with the Fleet standby rifle troop which was responsible for boardings , anti-piracy commanded a Troop of Direct Support Marines working directly to UKSF (MCT).

Get in touch now and secure a space on the next military preparation course

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