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Diet & Nutrition

At Pilgrim Fitness we want your journey to be as fulfilling as possible and we strive to develop all aspects of your fitness and health to enhance your lifestyle and allow you to get the most out of life. We couldn't even scratch the surface if we didn't address nutrition.


Its plain and simple: without the correct diet you will not reach your maximum potential and can not expect to ward off decreptitude as you age. It is so important to understand that no matter how much effort you put into your training, without the correct type and amount of fuel your body won't be able to recover and develop itself into the beast you want it to be, whether your goals are to improve your overall athletisism or shift that last layer of body fat from covering your six pack.


Our bespoke nutrition advice, seminars and gym-wide challenges will be the cherry on top of your fitness regime and our programmes are designed to educate you as an athlete so you can find a nutrition programme that works for you and that you can stick with and get the most out of for the rest of your life. Longivity is the most important aspect of a nutrition programme, hence why we do not endorse fad or crash diets but want you to love the food that you eat.


At our one-on-one inductions we will take your body fat percentage and viscerel fat percentage along with other statistics that we can then track through regular meetings and closely follow your progression to ensure you get the most out of the services we offer. On top of this we can guarentee you more energy, a better mood, increased confidence and the body you've always wanted.

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