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The Pilgrim Fitness Team

Who We Are




Louis has served in the Royal Navy, specifically "HMS Liverpool" and has chased pirates around Somalia protecting container vessels from attacks as a private security bodyguard. . Being stuck on ships for long periods you need to be creative with your training and that's when I was introduced to CrossFit and such HIIT training plans, and its this that drives Pilgrim Fitness. He also serves in the British Army Reserves as a Physical Training Instructor and has done for 10 years

Louis with his wife Leah create and structure the training plans that make Pilgrim Fitness what it is. You will see just as many social updates on a city break as you will on a nice walk or run round Snowdonia, its all about balance. 

Qualifications: Weightlifting Level 1, Boxing Pad Level 1, First Aid Qualified, Mental Health First Aider. Army Physical Training Instructor

Expert in: Painful Bootcamp Workouts you will love to hate

Dr Leah


So Leah is the brains behind Pilgrim Fitness and you would expect that as she holds a PhD in Anatomy and lectures at Bangor University. Leah's academic career has been and is impeccable, achieving a 1st class Degree with numerous awards and PhD before the age of 28. She follows the same level of passion and drive into her physical fitness. So yes she loves a good workout and has competed in several competitions hitting the podium and grabbing a few wins. 

We advocate a 70% / 30% split. That's training at 70% output 70% of the time and training above 70%, 30% of the time. Not Leah, we see her heart rate hit way over 200 BMP regularly so don't expect her to gift you the win.

Achievements:  Leah regularly competes in half marathons and has completed a 30 mile ULTRA along with winning the  Adventure Parc Snowdonia Team competition and finished 3rd with Coach Chloe in a pairs CrossFit competition. 

Leah is working towards her Level 3 PT qualification in the little spare time she has but is expecting to complete it this year.




Alan played Rugby for Abergele for over 10 years and was also passionate about weight training, Until he walked into Pilgrim Fitness and felt like he combined his passion and training plan. 

We get it all the time and we all have said it once or twice. "I wish I found this sooner".

Al is a gentle giant of a man and loves a bit of banter, a good run or pint or two.

Al has completely diversified he's training and now competes in several mind blowing ULTRA Marathons from 50 miles to 100 miles where he refocuses the body and mind.  

Favourite HERO workout: MURPH

Qualifications: Weightlifting Level 1, First Aid at Work.



Chloé is the Pilgrim Fitness gymnast coach. We have been told she first walked on her hands. Muscle Ups, Hand-Stand Walks, Pistol Squats or back flips Chloé is the coach you need to chat with.

Need to be pushed on a pairs wod where you cant feel your legs? Pair with Chloé.

Chloe's work life balance is impeccable, with husband Craig, two kids and a full time job, when she's not busy working, being a mum and wife she is training and actually loves the really hard WOD's.

And yes you guessed it Chloe likes a drink now and then so if she tells you its just the one, expect to end up in Rhyl and come home at 4am.

Chloé also regularly competes in competitions constantly pushing herself. 

Qualifications: Olympic Lifting Level 1. First Aid at Work



bootcamp coach

Lyndsay has been with us from the start, quote literally day one and she has never missed a day since, apart from her summer emigration to Benidorm for the annual family holiday.

This girl is non stop. Gym, Running, Three kids, Rugby commitment's and a full time job. Lyndsay runs the 6 am Bootcamp sessions and she will be doing it with you that's a guarantee, but if you need a hand she is always willing to help. Just don't expect any sympathy if the workouts hard as she lives with a family of Rugby lads.

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