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Pilgrim Fitness Membership Options

  • Start your journey:    £34 / month – Base membership. Take advantage of our unique space and equipment                                                                       during open gym times and join any class at a discounted price.

  • Making Strides:         £43/ month – 2 PF Programmed classes per week

  • 99% Pilgrim              £48 / month – 3 PF Programmed classes per week

  • 99.9% Pilgrim           £56 / month – 4 PF Programmed classes per week

  • 100% Pilgrim:             £63 / month - 6 PF Programmed classes per week

Pay as you go session or open gym £7. Members extra session £4.

  • Bootcamp:   Fast becoming a household name, our Pilgrim Fitness Bootcamp has exploded in popularity. Choose from either the 6am or 7.30 pm class, 3 days per week for 8 weeks and see your fitness and confidence skyrocket whether you're completely new to training or not.

  • £75 for the 8 week course.

  • Bootcamp days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a catch-up class on a Sunday morning (for if life gets in the way mid-week. We understand!)

  • Kids Bootcamp:

       Kids Functional Fitness provided in a fun way to teach kids to move and train with coaches at Pilgrim.

       It runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 1630-1715 and is limited in space. Call for more details.

       We have an intor price £2 per child.

  • Mum or Dad must stay and watch

  • Age from 7 - 16

  • All ability welcome

  • Click Buy now or pay cash or card at the gym

  • Private Personal Training: One-on-One  sessions with one of our coaches to: work on skills; supplement the classes or your own training or; book a block of PT sessions for a tailored programme that suits your needs and goals.

  • £25 per hour

  • Discounts: We offer a 10% discount on all memberships to members of the Emergency Services, NHS or Armed Forces.

  • Free Trial: We understand our training methodology is different so please come in for a free PF Programmed trial class to get a feel for the atmosphere and how we structure our sessions. We know you'll enjoy it! Just message us via Facebook, ring, email or pop in to book your free class. 


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