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constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

PF Quote of the Month:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

                                                                          -Laozi (604BC)

ABOUT Pilgrim Fitness


Louis:  Louis has served in the Royal Navy, specifically "HMS Liverpool" and has chased pirates around Somalia protecting container vessels from attacks as a private security bodyguard. Being stuck on ships for long periods you need to be creative with your training and thats when I was introducede to CrossFit and such HIIT training plans, and its this that drives Pilgrim Fitness.

Qualifications: Weightlifting Level 1, Boxing Pad Level 1, First Aid Qualified, Mental Health First Aider. Army Physical Training Instructor

Expert in: Painful Bootcamp Workouts you will love to hate


Alan played Rugby for Abergele for over 10 years and weight trained for 10 years, until he walked into Pilgrim Fitness and felt like he combined his passion and training plan. 

We get it all the time and we all have said it once or twice. "I wish I found this sooner"

Favourite HERO workout: MURPH

Qualifications: Weightlifting Level 1, First Aid at Work. 


Chloé is the Pilgrim Fitness gymnast coach. We have been told she first walked on her hands. Muscle Ups, Hand-Stand Walks, Pistol Squats or back flips Chloé is the coach you need to chat with.

Need to be pushed on a pairs wod where you cant feel your legs? Pair with Chloé.

Qualifications: Olympic Lifting Level 1. Fisrt Aid at Work


Ele was the first coach to join the Pilgrim Fitness team and it was an easy choice to make. The Picture to the left is half way round a 10 mile fell run and the smile says it all... it just doesn't go away and thats just what we were looking for. Inspirational to all at the gym and involves herself with 10k's, half marathons, CrossFit 'style' competitions. Her knowledge is second to none so tap on her shoulder and she will be happy to help. Even more so if you have chocolate.

Ele is a new mum to a gorgeous little girl, but she couldn't wait to be back in the gym and was working out just three weeks later. Mums, Weight Control, Over Training Ele has experienced it all. At one point she had three gym memberships! The knowledge she holds and kind natured personality cant be gained in any qualification. Need a helping start? Ask for Ele.

Qualifications: Olympic Lifting Level 1. First Aid at Work



Take a look at what we have to offer to help you hit the fitness goals that will get you where you want to be. If you are still not sure why not pop in and have a chat.


Georgina Meyers

"My fitness has improved so much since starting the bootcamp in December, before starting I couldn't even run down the road and now I can do 10k in under an hour ! "

Georgina started with the Pilgrim Bootcamp and is now smashing training sessions and runs in her own time and loving it!

Linzi Wrght

Linzi won our first Bootcamp competition to win a free spot on the 8 week course. After a year she has hit almost every class, losing body fat  whilst boosting both her confidence and circle of friends and that all started over Christmas.

"Who loses weight over Christmas?!"

Linzi is a true inspiration yet she will tell you otherwise. Linzi Started Her Journey at Pilgrim Fitness

"I've lost weight, made friends and boosted my energy and lust for life, and I've had so much fun doing it all."

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